Online Coaching

A Sneak Peak into a FitPro Complete Coaching Call

Don’t want to watch the whole call? Here are the key points, and where they are discussed in the video…

0:26 seconds- Worlds Simplest Sales Funnel and taking action.

1:10- Keeping a single focus and keeping the message simple.

1:35- Social proof marketing leads to a community program opportunity starting Dec 1st.

2:30- Adding value with new business models.

6:05- Why all programming should automatically include one thing in every plan you have, and why you should charge for it. (98% of fitness pros make this mistake in their pricing models.)

9:08- How fast things are moving for Rodney, and how fast his clientele is growing from a part-time to full-time business.

10:08- The specific difference between true professionals and amateurs. This is what makes the cream rise to the top.

11:01- What Rodney started doing instead of relying on just email and how it led to immediately adding new clients that are already paying him and getting started.

13:35- What Rodney is implementing to build more social proof with his clients.

16:00- The secret weapon to make you look like a Rockstar.

17:45- 3 different scenarios of what you could include in an online training package.

20:27- More is better when creating your training packages. (Why Rick shoots for 10x the value.)

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If during the 14-day trial you don’t feel this will work for you (even though it’s working for others just like you), just let us know and we will still part ways as friends.